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Call for Papers

The Call for Papers is available in PDF file format

The focus of SEFI conferences is Engineering Education (EE) and for the Annual Conference 2018 we will focus on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. These elements are essential components in Engineering Education as well as the context for engineering education excellence! Thus, authors are encouraged to link their contributions to the conference theme 2018 “Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Engineering Education Excellence”.

Conference tracks include (but are not limited to)

Conference Thematic Tracks:

Fostering entrepreneurship
How Learning Spaces support innovative T&L
Innovation as the context for EE
Innovative Teaching and Learning Methods            
Philosophy and Purpose of Engineering Education
Sustainable Development Goals in EE
Teaching Creativity & Innovation
University-Business cooperation

General Tracks:

Continuing EE and Lifelong Learning
Curriculum Development
Discipline-specific Teaching & Learning
Educational and Organizational Development
Engineering Skills
Ethics in EE
Gender and Diversity in EE
Open and Online EE
Quality Assurance and Accreditation
Recruitment and Retention
The teacher as a supervisor

Submission types and session formats

At SEFI 2018, authors can choose between different submission types.

  • Research papers: Full papers, which follow the standards for good research practice in Engineering Education Research (EER). Author(s) present for example original studies, research projects within EER.
  • Concept papers: Full papers, which present scholarly work within the field of Engineering Education (e.g. work-in-progress projects, studies of practice).

  • Non-paper-based contributions (e.g. workshops, round table discussions): these non-paper-based contributions require the submission of an extended abstract.

Papers will be presented in different session formats:

  • Discussion
  • Flipped conference talk
  • Poster pitch & presentation
  • Oral presentation
  • Short hands-on/mind-on activity

In the submission process, author(s) can state a preference on which format they would like to present their work and explain how they intend to put it into practice.

Important dates:

Abstract (required for research and concept papers)

19 March 2018

Feedback on abstracts

26 March 2018

Full paper submission

4 May 2018

Submission of contributions which do not require a full paper (workshops, round table)

21 May 2018

Notification of final acceptance

22 June 2018

Early Bird registration

17 July 2018

Final paper submission

06 August 2018



We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Technical University of Denmark in September 2018!

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Call for Doctoral Symposium in Engineering Education

The Second Doctoral Symposium in Engineering Education offers an opportunity to explore and develop research interests in an interdisciplinary workshop, under the guidance of senior scholars within Engineering Education Research (EER). During the Doctoral Symposium, the participants will share their current dissertation work with others and exchange feedback. 

To this event, we invite doctoral students in Engineering Education and their supervisors. Ideally the participants have an active PhD research plan, and can benefit from participating in the workshop.

The aim is to provide an opportunity for doctoral students and their supervisors to:

  • meet other students and supervisors to extend their network and view of the EER field,
  • present and discuss their own work and the work of others,
  • get perspectives from scholars outside their own institution,
  • contribute to the conference and the SEFI EER community with other participants, and
  • promote collaborative research and elaborate future research directions.

The Doctoral Symposium takes place on Monday, 17 September 2018. All participants must also register for the full SEFI 2018 Annual Conference. For PhD students who are accepted as participants in the Doctoral Symposium, the conference fee is reduced to 300 €.

To participate, please submit a letter of interest by April 20. See important dates below.

Doctoral Symposium Deadlines

20 April 2018

Submission of letter of interest (1 page). Please state your background, your research interest in engineering education, and current plan for a PhD. Send to

27 April 2018

Participants will receive notification of participation, and instructions for submitting an extended abstract.

25 May 2018

Submission of extended abstract covering the central aspects of the PhD work (2-3 pages). Send to

22 June 2018

Notification of final acceptance

17 July 2018

Early bird registration to the SEFI conference

The Doctoral Symposium is organised and chaired by

  • Jonte Bernhard, Professor, Linköping University, Former Chair of the SEFI WG Engineering Education Research and Deputy Editor of the European Journal for Engineering Education,
  • Kristina Edström, Associate Professor, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal for Engineering Education, and
  • Tinne de Laet, Professor, KU Leuven, Chair of the SEFI WG Engineering Education Research and member of the SEFI Board of Directors.

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